Vampire Facelift in GilroyVampire procedures utilize state-of-the-art platelet-rich plasma technology to provide natural rejuvenation and enhancement of the face and body. Dr. Jumnah Thanapathy, M.D. of South County Med Spa & Wellness is an expert in providing anti-aging vampire procedures to patients in the San Jose, CA area.

PRP / Vampire Procedures Q & A

What is a platelet-rich plasma or “vampire” procedure?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) procedures, often called vampire procedures, utilize growth factors from the patient’s own blood to stimulate dormant stem cells in the patient’s skin. Once activated, these stem cells begin producing new, glowing, younger-looking skin that appears fuller and healthier. Cosmetic vampire procedures harness the body’s natural healing processes to create dramatic rejuvenating effects.

What procedures can be done with PRP?

Dr. Thanapathy specializes in vampire facelift and vampire breast lift PRP procedures. The vampire facelift restores youthful texture, color, and elasticity to the contours of the face. The vampire breast lift improves the shape and cleavage of the breast, creating a perkier bust with more volume at the top of the breast. Both procedures are safe, non-surgical and require no downtime to enjoy a long-lasting anti-aging boost. PRP can also be used to rejuvenate any other area in the body when used with a derma-roller. This includes the face, hands, and abdominal skin. It is also used for scar reduction and the O shot and the P shot enhance libido and help erectile dysfunction.

What does the vampire treatment involve?

Whether patients are pursuing a facelift, breast lift, or both, the customizable nature of PRP procedures is what sets them apart from traditional techniques. The vampire facelift starts with the injection of hyaluronic acid fillers into the areas of the face where sculpting is desired, creating a foundation to refine with PRP injection. The vampire breast lift involves the injection of PRP with or without Juvéderm® into the cleavage area to create the “magic bra” effect.

For both procedures, blood is drawn from the patient just as during a normal blood test. Platelets in the blood are separated out and exposed to a calcium solution that releases the platelets’ growth factors. In some cases, injectable fillers are added to this mix to provide additional volume. Finally, a tiny needle is used to inject the PRP mixture into the desired areas.

The entire process takes about an hour and is minimally painful and requires little to no recovery time.

How long do vampire procedure results last?

Since vampire procedures harness the body’s natural processes to form new tissue, results are long-lasting. Injections typically last one to two years, depending on the individual patient.


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