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Dr. Jumnah Thanapathy Arasu, M.D., FACOG is a highly-respected board-certified OB-GYN specializing in both clinical and cosmetic gynecological procedures, and anti-aging treatments for both sexes.

Wing Lift

Are you Thinking About Getting a Wing Lift? We are Here to Help You.

Regarding non-invasive cosmetic procedures, weight loss plans, and invigorating wellness treatments, look no further than South County Med Spa & Wellness Center. For many years, our medical staff has been committed to assisting individuals like you in regaining their health and youthful appearance.

What is the Wing Lift?

All of us are concerned with keeping our private parts as smooth and wrinkle-free as the rest of our skin. The skin loses its elasticity and firmness as we age, making it look saggy. Patients can achieve the rejuvenated look they want with no incisions, scarring, or invasive procedures because of the regenerative features of wing lift therapy. The Wing Lift is a non-surgical cosmetic technique that helps women feel more confident by restoring their feminine anatomy. Many of our patients combine the Wing Lift with the O Shot for the best rejuvenating effects.

In what ways does a wing lift help?

The experts at South County Med Spa & Wellness Center are highly qualified to administer wing lift treatments, which have many advantages.

  • Cosmetic surgery with no incisions
  • Reduces saggy skin
  • Improves the labia's aesthetics
  • Optimal results achieved when used in conjunction with the O-Shot®
  • No down time
  • Prominent improvement after a single administration

When I get my wings lifted, what should I expect?

At South County Med Spa & Wellness Center, one of our board-certified doctors will perform your wing lift. A local anaesthetic may be applied to the region to be treated before your wing lift commences. This is for your maximum comfort for the duration of your treatment. After obtaining a blood sample from your arm, comparable to donating blood or submitting blood for testing, the PRP will be extracted using centrifugation. Your labia will be strategically injected with the PRP taken from you.

What Outcomes Should I Anticipate from My Wing Lift?

The Wing Lift is a non-surgical procedure that requires no recovery time because of its minimally intrusive nature. In most cases, patients can resume their regular activities, including working, immediately. Arm and injection site redness, soreness, and swelling are common and usually subside within a few days. It will take 12 to 20 weeks for the results of your wing lift to become apparent as your body's natural collagen levels improve.

What makes South County Med Spa & Wellness Center the best option?

We are dedicated to providing exceptional individual care and customer service. Our staff is committed to excellence and has received extensive training to help them reach that goal. Taking care of people is more important to us than merely treating patients. Patients at South County Med Spa & Wellness Center get the best of both worlds: the relaxed med spa setting and the expertise of a full-service medical facility.