• IV Nutrition Therapy - Benefits and Conditions Treated

  • Ultra Femme 360 vs. ThermiVa - Which Treatment Option is Better?

  • What is ThermiVa?

  • What is a Plasma-Rich Platelet Facial?

  • Do You Need the O-Shot?

  • Understanding PMS (Part 2)


What is ThermiVa?

Learn about the newest procedure for women, ThermiVa, and if it is right for you

Oct 27th, 2016
Do You Need the O-Shot?

Recent studies have revealed that about 40% of women suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction.

Aug 31st, 2016
Understanding PMS (Part 2)

Having looked at the causes, symptoms and methods to diagnose PMS, it is now time to consider prevention and treatment.

Aug 31st, 2016
Understanding PMS (Part 1)

PMS is “The cyclic occurrence of symptoms that are sufficiently severe to interfere with some aspects of life, and that appear with consistent and predictable relationship to the menstrual period."

Aug 31st, 2016
The Importance of Postpartum Care

A doctor who specializes in obstetrics services will be able to monitor your condition and ensure that you received the care you deserve, not just for yourself but for your baby, too.

Aug 31st, 2016
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